Jon Burland- Head of Science Faculty

Jon Burland is Head of the Science Faculty at Harris Westminster and also teachers Physics. Mr Burland was born and educated in London and has taught at schools and 6th Forms in the capital for several years. He studied History, Physics, Maths and Chemistry at school before indulging his interest in space by reading Physics at Bristol University. After several years teaching he has decided to study part time for a Master’s degree in Education at Oxford which keeps him busy during the holidays. He believes strongly in the value of scientific literacy and wishes it received a greater emphasis in primary and secondary education.

Rob Dyer - Teacher of Biology

Rob grew up in a beautiful part of West Wales, where the air is clean and the sheep are free to roam. His surroundings there gave him a deep fascination for the natural world and led to me studying Biology at the University of Bath. He continued on to postgraduate study and was drawn to the big smoke to undertake a PhD at Imperial College London. Based at the Natural History Museum this included research into the evolution of plants (ferns in particular) and later, his main passion, the conservation of biodiversity. When he is not thinking about ferns or watching iguanas being chased by snakes in the Galapagos, he very much enjoys an evening dip in the sea/lido or going for a nice ride on his bike.

Roslyn McKendry - Teacher of Biology

Roslyn McKendry is a biology teacher at Harris Westminster Sixth Form. Dr. McKendry completed a BSc in Biochemistry at the University of St. Andrews, and a PhD at the Institute of Cancer Research in London. During post-doctoral research at the University of California she studied the patterning events during early vertebrate development. During her years conducting lab research, she sought out opportunities to teach eventually realising that she found teaching more rewarding. She now focuses solely on teaching, combining a part-time teaching role at Birkbeck College, with a part-time teaching role at Harris Westminster. In her spare time she pursues her long-standing passion for rock-climbing and mountaineering, activities that have taken her around the world. She recently took a personal interest in sport performance to a new level by completing an MSc in Sport Science.

Rob Morgan - Teacher of Biology
Head of Garrett House

Rob Morgan is a teacher of Biology at Harris Westminster Sixth Form. A biochemist at heart, Rob studied Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics at A-level before pursuing his love at the University of Bristol. An interest in the pharmaceutical industry took Rob in to consulting before he decided to embark on a teaching career. Rob chose the Teach First pathway, which resulted in him being a part of the second cohort in to Wales. Other than Biochemistry, Rob particularly enjoys sport, travelling and brushing up on his Cymraeg. A keen Reading FC since the age of 5, Rob classes himself as a true football fan although his ‘sporting’ talents lie elsewhere in cricket and running. 

Majid Shayeghi - Teacher of Biology

Majid Shayeghi is a teacher of Biology at Harris Westminster. Dr Shayeghi began his academic career by completing an Honours degree at Queen Mary and Westfield College, followed by an Masters’ in Medical Parasitology and a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Kent. He continued onto a successful research career for ten years before embarking on a teaching career in secondary Science. Dr Shayeghi’s interest lie in travel and sport. As well as being a devoted family man, he has embarked on several adventurous holidays including trips to North America, Mauritius, China and the Far East. Next on his list are the Caribbean and Australia where he hopes to live one day in the future. Although he is mostly an armchair football fan these days, Dr Shayeghi enjoys all sports and still plays six a side in a dad’s team to express his highly competitive nature.

Christine Bladon - Teacher of Chemistry

Christine Bladon is a teacher of chemistry at Harris Westminster Sixth Form.  Dr Bladon completed a BSc degree and PhD in Chemistry at the University of Glasgow and undertook post-doctoral research at the Universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh and the Medical Research Council before embarking on a career in teaching.  She has lectured on degree courses at the Universities of Kent at Canterbury, University College London and Queen Mary University of London, has written an undergraduate textbook on Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and, having gained a PGCE, has taught A-level chemistry to secondary school students.  In her spare time Dr Bladon continues with some long term projects including bagging ‘easy’ Munros with her husband on visits to her native Scotland,  photographing aspects of the life cycle of dragonflies and being a mother to a teenage daughter.

Gabriela Espinoza Quintero - Teacher of Chemistry

Gabriela Espinoza Quintero is a Teacher of Chemistry at Harris Westminster Sixth Form. Dr. Quintero got started in the world of Chemistry by completing a BSc. in Chemistry at Universidad de las Americas, Puebla, in Mexico, followed by a PhD at the University of Oxford. During her PhD, she studied the fascinating field of the Chemical reactivity of group 14 and 15 Zintl Ions towards Organometallic Species. She loves playing music and training capoeira in her free time.

Sky Kang - Teacher of Chemistry

Sky Kang is a teacher Chemistry at Harris Westminster. He recently completed Batchelor’s and Master’s degrees in Chemistry at the University of Cambridge. His Masters’ research project was undertaken with the Wright Group, and focused on the catalytic hydroboration of pyridines. Outside of science, he enjoys listening to hip hop and grime.

Mavji Patel - Teacher of Chemistry

Mavji Patel teaches Chemistry here at Harris Westminster. He completed his first degree, PhD and postdoctoral research at Imperial College, London. His research career centred on studying the biochemistry and physiology of insect-parasitic nematodes and understanding the evolution of body-size and longevity in C.elegans. He joined us from Canons High School in Harrow where he was a student and teacher (with a 26 year gap in between). He keenly promotes the value and relevance of science and motivates students to study science at university. He is also a huge fan of Star Trek and telling jokes.

Sam Alton – Teacher of Physics

Sam Alton is member of the Physics Department with a Master’s Degree in Theoretical Physics from Imperial College London.  He has a keen interest in promoting the wide range of careers physicists have, and the number of everyday questions that can be solved with a good back-of-the-envelope calculation.  Outside of education, Sam prefers the countryside, where it’s far less scary!  He enjoys running, cycling, swimming and given the opportunity, time away on expedition.

Nora Kettleborough – Teacher of Physics

Nora Kettleborough joins our Physics department at Harris Westminster having spent a year teaching at Westminster School following the completion of her Masters in Physics at Imperial College London in 2014. She spent her third year studying abroad in Grenoble, France, where she carried out her Masters’ research project in quantum plasmonics at the Institut Néel, CNRS. While there she gained a love of the French language and way of life. Originally from Manchester, Nora likes the hustle and bustle of life in the capital but admits that she misses the rain (from time to time). While living in the city she maintains her keen interest in the outdoors, enjoying running, swimming and life by bike.

Dmitri Olayzola - Teacher of Physics and Mathematics

As an Institute of Physics Teaching Scholarship recipient and Physics with Music graduate from Imperial College London and the Royal College of Music, Dmitri Olayzola’s passion for teaching physics and mathematics manifests itself in a desire to engage in scientific discussions and foster the innate curiosity of his pupils. Born in Scotland and raised in the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica and Honduras, Dmitri enjoys adventures both close to home and in far away places. Through a wide range of interests, including music, composing, racquet sports, skiing, diving and astrophysics, he strives to maintain a close relationship with his pupils and challenge their interdisciplinary thinking and creativity. Dmitri believes that the best measure of success is when his students are genuinely excited about the subject matter and eager to bring their own ideas to the table; at the end of the day only then will he be satisfied his work is done!