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  • “The most amazing thing about this project is you. Bright, interesting, talented young people getting together to study new ideas...and experiencing together all the tremendous opportunities that are going to come from our location here, at the centre of things.”

    James Handscombe, Principal

  • “With Westminster School and the Harris Federation as joint sponsors, this Sixth Form is likely to be hugely popular and a brilliant success.”

    Lord Adonis, Schools Minister from 2005 2008

  • “We need schools that are going to get children from London into the very, very best universities and that is the ambition of this Sixth Form.”

    Boris Johnson, Former Mayor of London

  • “I applaud this initiative and the aim of the school - to develop academically able, ambitious and hard-working students. Such students will have the world as their oyster.”

    Sir Gregory Winter, Master of Trinity College Cambridge

  • “High quality teaching and learning will enable pupils to develop their academic focus, to apply for places on the best university courses, and to flourish as undergraduates”

    Dr Stephen Spurr, Headmaster of Westminster School 2005-2014

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