The Wigoder Library

The Wigoder Library is a repository for extraordinary books that chronicle learning across time, space and different academic disciplines; it is a scholarly space at the heart of the school for students to engage in extensive, exact, scrupulous, and critical work.

Two tier

The Wigoder Library is open every school day for student and staff use. It provides a welcoming environment for independent study supported by the resources the Library provides. Students are encouraged to make use of the Library throughout the day in addition to before and after school.

The non-fiction collection contains volumes that have been chosen to provide the most relevant and recent information that has been published as well as provoking further thought and discussion. The large fiction section covers writers of all genders and races from the classics to contemporary fiction.


A carefully curated print collection
Electronic resources accessible via the Student Portal both in and outside of school
A library catalogue where the full holdings of the Library can be searched
Student library accounts for renewals, reservations and requests
A dedicated silent study space providing a scholarly, focused environment


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Library overview

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